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Feefo Reviews

Feefo, the global feedback engine, works independently of us to collect and publish genuine guest feedback. We would like to hear about your experience at our hotel. Feefo will send you an email upon your return home asking you to give a rating and a review. The feedback process is very simple and will not take you long. Feefo then publishes all the feedback for customers to read. We use this feedback to understand what we do right and to learn how we can improve. Read More

What makes Feefo reviews different from others is that feedback is only received from genuine guests – no one else is able to comment. As all feedback is published whether it is positive or negative, you can trust all the ratings and reviews.

Our scores for each hotel is shown below, if you would like to read each individual review for a specific hotel, just click on it below and you will be taken to the "Review" tab.
"Stratford is unmissable for me. World-famous sights such as the RSC, Holy Trinity Church and Shakespeare's house come to life in this quintessential English town."
John McGhee - General Manager
"Pets are welcome at this dog-walking paradise. We'll even provide your faithful friend with a bed and bowl in the room! Supplements do apply."
David McDonald - General Manager


"The rich history of Hadrian's Wall is all around us here. Vindolanda experience comprises of two attractions that dramatically explore Roman life on the edge of the empire 2000 years ago."
Steve Thompson - General Manager
"Sandringham Estate is quite literally our crowning glory. Enjoy the beautiful gardens and the historic house from where the Queen traditionally delivers her Christmas Day speech."
Zoe Wright - General Manager


"Portpatrick is a seafood-lovers dream, with a number of great eateries. Pop along the quay at lunch to discover places serving fresh lobster, mussels, scallops, langoustines and more."
Kayleigh Finley - Receptionist
"I love Weston, but to escape I will head up to Tyntesfield. It's a magical place with amazing National Trust gardens and a Gothic house that is like a mysterious, fairy-tale mansion."
Wayne Entwistle - General Manager


"Of all the great beaches here, Amroth is where I like to go. I love the wide sandy beach, clear water and great food in pubs like the 16th Century New Inn"
Sophie Thomas - Receptionist
"The modest Holburne Museum is one of my favourite places. I love the walk along Pulteney Bridge, and the quirky collection of objects. A hidden gem!"
Jane Milliken - General Manager


"One of my favourite walks is down to Pitlochry Dam with its salmon ladder. I never tire of watching the fish leaping for glory. Witness the spectacle yourself from around March to September."
Diane Dixon - Assistant Manager

"It's great for cycling here. One special route follows the estuary to Exeter after pretty Topsham. Return along the other side to Dawlish and then back to Starcross for a ferry-ride home!
Anna Maskell - Deputy Manager


"Brownsea Island gave us scouting and today this little wildlife haven is owned by the National trust. Catch the ferry from Poole harbour to discover peacocks, deer, kingfishers or even rare red squirrels."
John Taylor - General Manager
"We really do have the best views in St Mawes, and from so many vantage points. prime spots are the bar and lounge. Not to mention our wonderful Superior Rooms."
Peter Sisson - General Manager


"I love to stroll through the Valley Gardens just opposite. Seventeen acres of beautiful parkland with lovely views... plus a great little cafe for tea and cake!"
Edwina Stevens - General Manager
"For keen walkers and cyclists the route to Kentmere and back is a tranquil gem. The views just keep improving all the way up Garburn Pass. Definitely a personal favourite."
Giles Norwood - General Manager


"On a sunny day I love to go to the Linn of Dee. The crystal clear water rushes through the valley and the light is amazing as it bounces off the minerals in the rocks."
Emy Kincs - Receptionist