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Fishing Breaks

If you love fishing then you’ll know that there can be few experiences more peaceful than sitting on the riverbank, listening to the birds and the gentle sound of the water and waiting for the moment that your patience pays off. At any time of the year, a day spent fishing is a day that you’d never consider to be wasted. There’s something wonderful about packing some sandwiches and a few of your favourite drinks, opening up a chair and settling down for the day, knowing that you’re far from responsibilities and day-to-day commitments.

How better to clear your head, and your calendar, than to get away from it all with a Coast & Country fishing break? At the George Hotel in Chollerford, fishing breaks provide an ideal opportunity to escape reality and to spend as much time as you’d like staring into the waters of the Tyne, with nothing to disturb the peaceful silence. Escape on your own, bring your friends or meet new ones within the hotel’s tranquil grounds.

At the George Hotel, you’ll have access to ¾ of a mile of fishing space on the nearest side of the river. On the opposite bank, upstream from Chollerford Bridge, you’ll have a further 1 ¾ miles on which you can set your chair. In order to take advantage of complimentary fishing at the George Hotel, you need only provide your fishing license number in order to receive a free permit. The North Tyne is alive from April with salmon and sea trout, found through summer and through autumn, though a visit at any time of the year provides an opportunity to fish for trout, grayling, roach and chub, amongst a variety of other fish. Treat yourself to a fishing break at Northumberland’s Coast & Country hotel, and let yourself become lost in the fresh air and in the picture-perfect surroundings, seemingly miles from civilisation. What more could you wish for?

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The George Hotel
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With its scenic riverfront location on the North Tyne, renowned for its warm hospitality. The George Hotel is ideal for a relaxing retreat.